St. Paul’s Calendar

February 28, 2021

Office Hours:  Mon to Wed 9:30 to 3:00.

Please call and leave a message (432-1114) or send an email.


This Week at St. Paul’s      February 28, 2021  2nd Sunday of Lent

Thank you to Lisa Folkins for leading the service this week.

 Our Region is now in Status Orange so there will be no on-site service.  The building and office are open.  Services are available broadcast via Facebook and Zoom at 10:00 am and the previous week’s recording will be aired on CJCW radio 590 at 10:30 am.

 A donation has been received in loving memory of husband Joe from Theresa MacKinnon.

Following the announcement last week and the appeal for financing of the new Audio Visual equipment, we have already received several donations.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  As was announced, this equipment will come to approximately $6800.

A “Thank-you” card was received from Ron & Audrey Jones for the Christmas card.

Planning ahead for the Annual General Congregational Meeting, it will be held via Zoom due to the uncertainty of COVID.  We will need to have good turn-out to make it an official representation of the congregation.  Please mark this on your calendar on March 14 and plan to log in on Zoom.  There will be voting so be “live”!  Details will follow.

Rev. Jenn Brown will be taking Study Leave from February 22 to March 8.  If you need Pastoral Care, please contact Rev. Kelly Hudson-Lewis at 832-5050 from Feb 22 to Feb 28 or for the week of March 1 – 7, contact Rev. John Roy at 672-3320 or Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson at 632-1050.

All attendees must remain masked inside the building. Identify yourself and answer questions relating to COVID contact or symptoms before entering.

 Friday             6:30             Youth via Zoom

This Sunday     

  • 9:30             Coffee Time via Zoom
  • 10:00             Service – via Facebook / Zoom
  • 10:30             Recorded service on 590 CJCW radio or
  • 6:30             Lent on Facebook – Godly Play: The Faces of Easter: Part 2

Tuesday        6:30 pm      Lent on Facebook – Book reading: The Boy and the Ocean

                        6:45             Zoom Check-in & Chat

Thursday         9:15 am      Zoom Check-in & Chat

                           6:30             Lent on Facebook – Music night

Next Sunday              

  • 9:30             Coffee Time via Zoom
  • 10:00             Service – via Facebook / Zoom
  • 10:30             Recorded service from last week on 590 CJCW radio.  Also available at
  • 6:30           Lent on Facebook – Godly Play: The Faces of Easter: Part 3

Sunday, March 14                           Annual Meeting via Zoom


 Join in or listen to any of the Zoom calls via Internet using the link:            OR
call in from your phone at 1 647 374 4685 with Meeting ID: 179 750 852 and
Password: 042032
This phone number is NOT toll free but many people have Canada-wide calling.  

 A service for World Day of Prayer was observed on February 14, 2021.  A video of this service can be seen at One-Hour World Day of Prayer Service Available on Video – Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC).

Lenten Packages are available at the church – a collection of devotions, activities and guides to preparation through Lent, leading to Easter. We can have a package delivered to you if you are not able or prefer not to come to us. Join in activities using this package as well as follow us for stories and reflection on Facebook. All previous Facebook stories and book readings are still available to enjoy over again.

Envelopes for 2021 donations are available at the church during office hours.

Sponsorship of Radio Broadcasts and Multi-media presentations may be done at any time as memorials or to honour a special occasion or for no specific reason at all.  Each week expense is $80 to cover the cost of a radio broadcast but any contribution is gratefully received.

Any e-transfers for contributions to any of the funds at St. Paul’s, including for purchase of Gift Cards, should be sent to a separate email –  Transfers to the office email will not be processed as quickly.

 Our life and work of the church is continuing to the best of our abilities under the circumstances. This includes benevolent services for those having difficulties coping.  If you know of anyone needing help, please contact Rev. Jenn Brown.

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