St. Paul’s United Church Sussex

Bulletin May 24, 2020    7th Sunday of Easter

(This bulletin will be for the live broadcast via Zoom at 9:45.)

Thoughts to Ponder:

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Welcome, Announcements,
Life & Work of the Church:

Acknowledgement of Territory:

As we gather this morning to share in worship, let us pause to remember that in this region we live and work and worship on lands that are, by law, the unceded territories of the Wabanaki peoples—predominantly the lands of the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, and Passamaquoddy. May we live with respect on this land and live in peace and friendship with its people.

Sharing the Peace of Christ:

Leader:  May the Peace of Christ be with you.
Response:  And also with you

Call to Worship:

Let us be joyful before God! Let us be happy this day.
     We will sing praises to God’s holy name.
Let us lift up a song to the One who rides upon the clouds,
     For God also protects orphans and widows, and gives the desolate a home.
Sing to God, O nations of the earth;
     We will sing praises to the Lord, our God!

Gathering Prayer:

Lord of all time and space,
who was and is and is to come,
we worship and adore You
for You alone are worthy of our praise.
There is none before you,
none above you.
Your glory is ever before us
and this morning we are glad to take
our place alongside all those
who even now, on earth and in heaven,
are raising their voices to exalt You,
their minds to know You
and their hearts to love You.

May our worship be a fitting offering –
a gift in return to the giver
of every good and perfect gift.

In Jesus’ name, we pray; Amen

Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon:

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow,we confess that we feel lost,waiting for your promised redemption in such uncertain times.You made us for unity in community,yet we have nursed grievances and settled for unresolved tensions.You commissioned us to be continue Christ’s ministry,yet we find it hard to share our experience of your love and grace with others.Forgive us for accepting disunity, instead of working through differences.Forgive us for failing to share the good news of Christ’s love,even with those closest to us.

Friends, hear the good news! Jesus Christ is our Advocate, interceding before God on our behalf. Know that his love for us is undying. Trust that you are forgiven through his grace, and with his courage, forgive one another. Amen.

Children’s time:      A Trip to the Airport

Prayer of Illumination:


Acts 1:6-14                     The ascension of Jesus
1 Peter 4: 12-14; 5:6-11   Cast your cares on God. Be alert.
John 17:1–11                  Jesus prays for his disciples.

Sermon:                    Cast Your Cares

Prayers of the People:

Invitation to the offering:
Offering Prayer:

Eternal and ever-present God, we offer you these gifts in thanksgiving for the work of Christ in our lives. Bless them and us with the power of the Spirit, enlisting all our gifts for the work of reconciliation Christ has given us to do in the world you love. Amen.


As we go from here,
remind us, God,
that this is the beginning, not the end.
That You call us to Yourself
then send us out to love and to serve.
So may the blessing of God Almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
be with you all –
and with those you love
and with those you struggle to love –
now and always. Amen

This Week at St. Paul’s             7th Sunday of Easter

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Tuesday               9:45    Check-in & prayer via Zoom

   Wednesday         7:00    Bible Study, Basics of the New Testament via Zoom
   Thursday             9:45    Check-in & prayer via Zoom
                                1:00    Coordinating Team Meeting via Zoom
                                7:00    Check-in & prayer via Zoom
 Sun. May 24         9:45    Short service via Zoom
10:30    Recorded service on 590 CJCW radio

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This phone number is NOT toll free but many people have Canada-wide calling.  

Our life and work of the church is continuing to the best of our abilities under the circumstances. This includes benevolent services for those having difficulties coping.  If you know of anyone needing help, please contact Rev. Jenn Brown.